Toyota Motor Thailand continues its firm commitment to the environment by launching a new center that is devoted to biodiversity and sustainability called ‘Cheewa Panavet’ at the Toyota Ban Pho Plant.

The center’s name is a combination of three Thai words, Cheewa (life), Pana (forest) and Vet (habitat). It spans over 96,000 square meters of habitat for living organisms and various fauna.

No less than Her Royal Highness Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn attended the event along with Kyoichi Tanada, Managing Officer, Toyota Motor Corporation and President, Toyota Motor Thailand and senior government representatives from Thailand, Toyota's top executives, dealers, suppliers, the private sector and the media.

Toyota's biodiversity facilityi n Thailand

Cheewa Panavet consists of the Eco Forest, Toyota Biotope and the Royal Commemoration Exhibition Building.

The Eco Forest was started in 2008 and is one of the main reason why the Toyota Ban Pho Plant has been ‘as one of the five "Sustainable Plants" from among Toyota's global network. It is 48,000 square meters of forested area within the plant containing 43 species of plants that have a tree survival rate of 90-percent.

Toyota Biotope is the very first of its kind in Thailand, an ecosystem of living organisms home to plants, animals and other living things. It was designed with the concept of ‘from sky to mountain to river’ and gets inspiration from different forest communities around the world. There are over 218 species of living organisms living on 48,000 square meters of land.

Key persons involved in the biodiversity facility

This year, the Cheewa Panavet aims to raise the level of awareness of the Thais by allowing them to learn and experience a ‘classroom in nature’ and see for themselves the value of environmental preservation.