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Toyota Camry, Prius to get a waku-doki makeover


Waku-waku, doki-doki

Toyota Motor Corporation has a new challenge on their hands as the company intends to heed President Akio Toyoda’s vision of incorporating the waku-doki (heart-racing) design concept for the next Camry and Prius models.

In an interview at the 2014 North American International Auto Show in Detroit, Kevin Hunter, head of the Toyota USA design studio said the next Camry is set to have “more emotional, more impactful design.” Hunter continues, "Camry's taken some hits on styling, but it's still selling well. But we need to create better design for Camry in the future.”

With over 5 million owners and considering Camry as the best-selling U.S. car, Kazuo Ohara, head of Toyota’s U.S. Sales Unit, said that there are limits to how far the company can go in changing the design. “I would not go so far as saying we could be adventurous, but at least more aggressive” Ohara said in an interview in Detroit this week. Toyota is not elaborating on the new design details of the next Camry, but as Ohara said, it will have an enhanced interior packaging and materials and more emotional exterior looks.


For 12 consecutive years the Toyota Camry has held the title as the best selling car in the U.S. The Prius also sells well, with 200,000 units sold annually in the United States.

Toyota has not confirmed when will the two new 'waku-doki' models will be revealed and made available to the market.


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