Toyota GR Corolla appears in yet another teaser

It's no secret Toyota will be launching the GR Corolla soon. Just a few months ago, the automaker dropped several hints and teaser images of the upcoming hot hatch.

For its latest teaser, Toyota USA shared a video on Instagram. At first, it looks like the short video only shows the new GR 86 traveling down a winding road. However, the GR Corolla makes brief but subtle appearances in between.

While the video only showed a distorted image of the hot hatch, the original video Toyota USA posted initially gave a clearer look at the upcoming GR Corolla (which you can see above). We're not sure why the automaker decided to edit the video afterward.

Toyota teases 2022 GR Corolla anew image

Based on the screenshot, the GR Corolla features the familiar camo livery we saw last December. Also present is a unique 'GR Four' decal on the side, highlighting the name of the all-wheel-drive system that's also being used in the GR Yaris. Other features present on the camouflaged GR Corolla include a wide front grille and twin 5-spoke wheels wrapped in low-profile tires.

In terms of power, the GR Corolla will reportedly come with a 1.6-liter turbocharged three-cylinder derived from the GR Yaris. It's rumored to produce 268 PS and will be mated to a six-speed manual gearbox.

Toyota has yet to announce when they will reveal the all-new GR Corolla. But since this is the nth time they have released a teaser for the model, its debut might happen very soon. The question now is this: will the GR Corolla be available worldwide, or will it be exclusive only to the US market?