Twenty years ago, when the Philippine automotive scene was dominated by European and American cars, struggling to sell less than 50,000 units annually, Toyota entered the market and started selling affordable Japanese vehicles marked with quality, reliability and durability. This year, Toyota is celebrating its 20th year in the country, with cumulative sales surpassing total automotive sales in the year that it started its operations. With over 40 percent market share, Toyota started from selling only 9,000 units to over 40,000 units annually.

Indeed, the automotive giant has come a long way since 1988, capturing leadership in 18 out of 20 years of operations. With only three models and four dealerships in its first year, Toyota has now expanded its line-up to 13 models and 27 outlets nationwide. Toyota has made its mark in the Philippines by gaining and keeping the number one position in the vehicle market. Over the years, Toyota listened well to what its customers want, to enable them to provide cars that give genuine driving pleasure.

Toyota continues to give its utmost attention to satisfying, if not delighting its customers. And in this occasion of its 20th anniversary in the country, Toyota gives its commitment to Driving Tomorrow for its customers, for its business, for leadership, and for corporate social responsibility. For Toyota, driving tomorrow means providing customer mobility in a constantly changing environment. It means retaining and growing the market through assurance of commitment. It is being the prime mover in innovation in present and future mobility. And it is contributing to a better future for the Filipino society.

In celebration of its 20th anniversary, Toyota shall hold a series of activities to engage the public in joining the festivity. To start off with the first wave for the 2nd quarter of the year, Toyota will hold ArtEdge, a digital art competition depicting the theme of its 20th anniversary: Driving Tomorrow. A separate contest for media practitioners will also be held to honor the most outstanding print and television features of the same theme. Over a million worth of cash prizes await the deserving winners.

The ArtEdge graphic art competition and the Driving Tomorrow journalism contest are Toyota's way of thanking its partners, their valued customers and media friends, for the past 20 years of leadership, and the following years of continuously moving forward and driving tomorrow. For the detailed mechanics and guidelines, please log on to