So Toyota Motor Philippines (TMP) has officially brought the Corolla Cross to the market. With it, the automaker has expanded its crossover offerings and bridged the gap between the Rush and the RAV4. But with TMP expecting the Corolla Cross to become a big seller in the months to come, how do they plan on maintaining constant supply should customer demand reach an all-time high?

We asked Mr. Jing Atienza, Toyota's senior vice president for marketing, regarding the matter and he said that that so far, they're seeing a good market acceptance for the Corolla Cross. But in order to ensure that there will be enough supply to meet customer demand, Atienza said that they will be closely monitoring the market and ensure that they will be able to provide.

"The positive feedback we have received from our customers and dealers is very encouraging and we see a good market acceptance for the Corolla Cross. While we are confident that we have secured ample supply for this new model, we will continue to closely monitor the market trend and ensure that we are able to provide our customers’ requirements in a timely manner," said Atienza.

Will there be enough Toyota Corolla Cross units for PH market? image

The automaker initially plans to sell 100 units of the Corolla Cross in the Philippines; they didn't specify, but based on the online press conference, that's on a monthly basis. Now while 100 units may look conservative, do bear in mind that the new crossover bears the Corolla name. Combined with a starting price of PhP 1,285,000, along with a bevy of standard features, and it looks like TMP has a winner on their hands.

Historically, Toyota Motor Philippines has a track record for models so popular that consumer demand far exceeds unit supply. But Toyota has since adjusted, and during a previous press conference, TMP's Jing Atienza mentioned that they will be in close communication with their partners at Toyota Motor Thailand (which is in charge of Toyota's major export manufacturing hub for ASEAN) to ensure that supplies are adequate and prevent exceptionally long waiting times at the dealership level.

With the COVID-19 pandemic still affecting the country as well as parts of the world, perhaps it might take a while for sales (and demand) for the Corolla Cross to pick up locally. But in case demand for the Corolla Cross does grow, Toyota Motor Philippines will keep a close eye in order to keep up with consumer demand.