Toyota Gazoo Racing to build new spare parts for the A70, A80 Supra

Having problems sourcing parts for your A70 or A80 Toyota Supra? We have some good news for you as the automaker is set to reproduce spare parts for the older generations of the Supra.

Toyota does a Nissan, will sell heritage parts for older Supra models image

Under the GR Heritage parts program, Toyota Gazoo Racing will remanufacture parts that are no longer available for the two Supra models. What's more is that Toyota will be reselling the remanufactured ones as genuine parts, allowing customers to purchase them as regular genuine spares.

But will these parts be available outside Japan? Toyota has confirmed that besides serving their home market, they will also make the GR Heritage Parts available for export markets around the world. Details as to what will be the part numbers will be released soon although the automaker has already revealed what parts will be remade.

Toyota does a Nissan, will sell heritage parts for older Supra models image

For the A70 Supra, Toyota will remanufacture the propeller shaft, door handles, fuel sender gauge, weather strips, as well as the front emblem. Meanwhile, the A80 Supra's list of heritage parts will include the headlights, door handles, and brake booster.

Toyota plans to make the listed parts available to customers some time this year. But should there be any changes in production, some of the parts may become available in 2021 instead.

Toyota does a Nissan, will sell heritage parts for older Supra models image

Need a different component to make your car whole again? Toyota is also accepting reprint requests for the A70 and A80 Supras. Those interested can send a request form that will include the vehicle's exact specifications, powertrain details, left-hand or right-hand drive, and the state of the part being requested. Toyota will try as best as they can to make the spare parts available at the customers' request by working with their suppliers. However, they did mention that not all requested parts can be reprinted or released.

Those that are heading to the 2020 Tokyo Auto Salon can get a close look at some of the GR Heritage Parts for the Supra. Toyota will be displaying several components from January 10 – January 12 at the Makuhari Messe in Chiba, Japan.