Lately shades of green can hardly be seen on most production cars. There seems to be a stigma to this color because a bright shade will instantly make a car look like a skittle while darker shades tend to become dull and bland. Ask any gearhead about this shade though and one particular color name instantly comes to mind: British Racing Green.

The color's moniker stems from the signature colors of Lotus and Austin racers back in the day, but various manufacturers have taken to reinventing the color to suit their sports car offerings over the years. Considering that the Toyota 86 is clearly a vehicle with sporting intent, it would look right at home sporting this particular tone – and it appears Toyota have finally done it.

Dubbed the ‘GT British Green Limited’, the special green 86 is a Japan-only special model with a host of high performance parts matched to styling cues reminiscent of retro sports models. The dark metallic green shade on an otherwise factory 86 exterior is matched with a bronze set of 17-inch bronze alloy wheels. Prominently peeking behind those spokes are large red Brembo calipers – a considerable upgrade compared to standard rolling stock. Aside from brakes, suspension on this limited 86 has been switched out to a set of Sachs dampers to further improve road-holding handling.

Toyota dresses the 86 in a new shade of green image

The interior gets its fair share of changes as well. Alcantara mixed with brown accents on the seats extends the retro vibe to the interior. A more tangible change for the driver are its brown accent baseball stitches on the steering wheel and on the shift boot.

Judging from what we could tell from Toyota’s Japanese page, this particular 86 will not have any changes to its powertrain. It will still come available with a 6-speed manual or a 6-speed Super ECT automatic transmission.

While we can’t expect this particular trim to make its way towards our shores, perhaps this may be a good peg for the aspiring 86 owner who would want their car to stand out a bit from the rest.