The Toyota GR Corolla is literally right around the corner

Remember when Toyota subtly dropped hints and teasers for the all-new GR Corolla? While it wasn't immediately noticed by the public, keen-eyed enthusiasts were able to spot the easter eggs months after it was originally posted.

With that, it seems very clear that Toyota will indeed be launching a more powerful version of the Corolla Hatchback very soon. And to prove that the model is coming soon, the automaker has posted another teaser picture.

Posted on Instagram by Toyota USA, it shows a standard Corolla Hatchback surrounded by shipping containers. However, on the far left of the picture is a mysterious-looking hatchback. It's a bit hard to tell from afar, but if you zoom in, it looks like the camouflaged GR Corolla.

Toyota drops another teaser of GR Corolla hot hatch image

From what we can make out, the GR Corolla will have a more aggressive front end courtesy of a sporty front bumper that's paired with a large intake. Also seen on the camo itself is what looks to be a GR Four decal on the side. It's the name of the all-wheel-drive system that's currently seeing use in the GR Yaris and is also expected to be used in the GR Corolla.

Just like the previous photo Toyota showed, the image they used is based on an existing press photo which you can see below. The automaker then added the camouflaged hatchback to the far left of the image to serve as a teaser for the said hot hatch.

Toyota drops another teaser of GR Corolla hot hatch image

Aside from the same all-wheel drive system, the souped-up Corolla is also expected to use the same 1.6-liter turbocharged three-cylinder engine dubbed the G16E-GTS in the GR Yaris. Based on Toyota's previous teaser, the GR Corolla could put out 268 PS which is slightly more than what the PH-spec GR Yaris makes; 261 PS. A six-speed manual gearbox will most likely be the sole transmission option.

Toyota has yet to say when they will the GR Corolla will debut. But since they posted another teaser image, we might not have to wait that long for its official debut.