Toyota Motor Philippines Corporation offers special sales incentives for new vehicle purchases of Typhoon-affected Toyota and non-Toyota owners. To aid flood-affected Toyota customers, TMPC is offering discounts ranging from P25,000 to P62,000 for select Toyota models for purchases made from October 1 to November 30, 2009.

"We have decided to open our special typhoon assistance to all those affected by the recent Typhoons in Metro Manila and Luzon, including non-Toyota owners who are interested to replace their vehicles with select products in our line-up. We understand that many are still waiting for their vehicles to be repaired, or some have decided to just replace their vehicles due to the high cost of repair."

There are two ways to avail of Toyota's special sales incentive. With the PAY CASH scheme, customers with cash purchases will enjoy special discounts for the Vios, Innova, Yaris, Avanza, Hilux, Altis, Hiace, Fortuner, RAV4 and Camry.

With the PAY LOW scheme purchases made through Toyota Financial Services (TFS) Lease-to-Own scheme will enjoy payment terms from 24 to 60 months, 10 to 30% cash out, and an all-in package including free one-year insurance with Acts of God coverage, LTO registration, and no chattel mortgage. A 90-day payment holiday will also be enjoyed wherein the first monthly amortization will be settled by customers three months after vehicle release. Only those with vehicles flooded from seat level and above are eligible to participate. This special promo is available at any authorized Toyota Metro Manila and Luzon Dealers only.

This special vehicle incentive is hand-in-hand with Toyota's existing assistance on parts and services for repairs of flood-damaged vehicles. TMP is offering 40% discount on engine ECU, 20% discount on selected flood-affected parts, and 20% discount on labor.

For more information on Toyota's special assistance for flood-affected customers, please contact the Toyota Customer Assistance Center (CAC) at 819 2912.