According to Autocar, Toyota is looking to collaborate with other car manufacturers after the success of the 86 and BRZ, a pair of coupes that they developed with Subaru.

Toyota has generally kept to themselves when developing a new vehicle, but when they worked on their 86 sports coupe, they opted to do so with Subaru. The project became a success for the two companies, as the 86 (branded as the Scion FR-S in the U.S.) and Subaru's version, the BRZ, were very well received around the world.

Tetsuya Tada, the development head for the 86 project, is eager to get new partners for Toyota's future development “if [they] can jointly produce something exceptional”.

As of the moment, Toyota and Subaru are working together again to produce a convertible version of the 86/BRZ... a challenging engineering task if they are to preserve the dynamics of the car that drivers have been raving about.

Toyota Motor Philippines Corporation is currently preparing for the launch of the 86 in the coming weeks. Excited?