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Toyota Fine-Comfort Ride concept previews future premium sedan


Toyota Fine Comfort Ride concept shows design direction of future sedan models

Toyota continues to make its presence know at the upcoming Tokyo Motor Show by debut more concepts. Already, the Japanese automaker has multiple concepts revealed in the previous weeks, but continues to do so, previewing their display at the upcoming event. The latest concept to be introduced is the Fine-Comfort Ride vehicle, which Toyota says previews 'a new form of the premium saloon'.

Despite previewing a future type of premium sedan, some may say it still looks more like a minivan. Forgoing exterior style, the Fine-Comfort Ride is big, measuring in at 4,830 mm long with a wheel base of 3,450 mm. It is also tall and, measuring 1,650 mm high and 1,950 mm wide. Because of its massive size, it can fit six-people inside.


The shape and style of the cabin is said to be taken from that of a diamond, which narrows towards the rear but is wider up front. It also improves visibility for both passengers and the driver. The wheels are then positioned specifically the ends of the body, leaving the car with barely any overhangs. The underside has also been fully covered to improve sound insulation, comfort and ensure stability.

Access into the Fine-Comfort Vehicle is done with ease through a large rear sliding door as it forgoes of the conventional B-pillar. Inside, it looks futurisitc as the interior is minimalist with only a large center screen fitted into the dashboard. A heads up display is also incorporated with information capable of being projected to the side windows.

With regards to its technical details, Toyota has yet to reveal any information about the Fine-Comfort Ride. They did says however that the concept is in fact a fuel-cell vehicle. Toyota claims that it is capable of having a 1,000 km range based on Japan’s JC08 test cycle and only takes 3-minutes to be fully charged.

Catch the Toyota Fine-Comfort Ride concept as it makes its public debut at the Tokyo Motor Show together with other Toyota concept vehicles.

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