Toyota reveals first teaser images of the Frontlander for China

To say that the Corolla Cross is one of Toyota's most popular models as of late is an understatement. Aside from being offered in ASEAN, we've also seen Toyota reveal the USDM and JDM versions of the crossover, with the latter sporting a unique look in its home market.

But it seems Toyota is not yet done making more crossovers. Set to be revealed in China soon is the all-new Frontlander. While it may look like another generic crossover, this is actually the Corolla Cross for the Chinese market.

Looking at the teaser images provided, and it's quite apparent that the Frontlander is indeed a renamed Corolla Cross. Borrowing some styling cues from the JDM model, the China-spec Frontlander features full LED headlights, a sporty front grille, and a large lower air intake. What it does lack is the signature 'C' logo which is only available on the JDM Corolla Cross.

Toyota to launch Corolla Cross in China as the Frontlander image

The exact specifications of the Frontlander were not yet revealed. However, it will most likely have the same powertrain offered in ASEAN. That means we can expect it to get either a 1.8-liter, naturally-aspirated inline-four, or a 1.8-liter hybrid. The former generates 140 PS while the latter puts out a combined 122 PS. A CVT will also most likely be the sole transmission option.

The Toyota Forntlander is expected to make its public debut at this year's Guangzhou Auto Show in November and could be produced by Toyota-GAC, one of the brand's domestic partners. We won't be surprised though if Toyota-FAW also makes its own version of the Frontlander and call it by a different name. Perhaps FAW might have already secured the Corolla Cross name, hence why this particular model is called Frontlander instead.

We will know once Toyota fully reveals the Frontlander in the coming months.