Toyota GR is taking care of older generation Supras

Anyone who has ever either tried to keep and restore an older model will probably say that the most challenging part of the whole process is finding fresh parts.

It's easy to find things like oil filters and air filters and the like, but specific parts built for a specific model are more difficult to come by. With cars like a Corolla, it's challenging but not too difficult because there are remanufactured parts from aftermarket manufacturers or scrounging from surplus yards that can fit. But with rarer cars like a Supra, well it can be very difficult.

That's exactly what Toyota -specifically Toyota Gazoo Racing- is addressing with the GR Heritage Parts program.

Toyota Gazoo Racing expands new parts list for A70, A80 Supra image

Toyota has just announced that they are starting to source more parts for older Supra models, specifically the A70 Supra (AKA: Mk. III) as well as the A80 Supra (AKA: Mk. IV). These are some of the most sought after versions of the Supra, and are true classics that can still fetch a premium on the second hand market despite the fact that the A70 was built from 1986 to 1993 while the A80 was built from 1993 to 2002.

Toyota Gazoo Racing is doing this in cooperation with their parts suppliers from back in the day; actually, it's quite surprising that those parts suppliers still had the tooling, molds, and schematics to produce such parts.

This news is actually a follow up to a previous announcement made by Toyota early last year when they said they'll be remanufacturing hard-to-find parts such as the propeller shaft, door handles, fuel sender, weather strips, and the front emblem for the A70. For the A80, Toyota said they will supply headlights, door handles, and the brake booster.

This year, Toyota is adding a few more to that list for those two models. For the A70, Toyota will also make parts such as the clutch master cylinder, clutch release cylinder, brake hose, heater hose, and the air conditioner control panel knob; these parts will be available next month. In August, Toyota will have the side mouldings, the Toyota Supra rear emblem, front door garnish, front suspension lower arm bushings, and front emblem for the A70 that was first announced in 2020; apparently, it wasn't available yet.

Toyota Gazoo Racing expands new parts list for A70, A80 Supra image

For the A80, Toyota is adding the oxygen sensor to the list and will have it available by next month. In August, Toyota will have the front bumper for the A80 as well.

It is highly likely that the expansion of the parts list is in response to demand from owners. In 2020, Gazoo Racing did ask Supra owners to send a list of parts they need for their vehicles; so this list could be based on that.

The move follows what Nissan is actually doing for Skyline GT-R owners when they said that they will make classic parts for those vehicles. It is possible that GR Heritage Parts will only be available in Japan, but if you're a Supra owner then you will likely be calling up friends in Japan to have parts shipped to them, and then re-shipped to you.