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Toyota Gazoo Racing launches special 86 models, but no power upgrade


Toyota reveals first two models of GR Performance brand

Last September, Toyota announced the launch of their new Gazoo Racing Performance brand. The new performance line would offer sportier variants on some of Toyota's models such as the GRMN Yaris and even to some exclusive Japan-only models. GR Performance will offer vehicles in three different levels: GR Sport as base, GR as the middle trim, and GRMN as the range topper.

Today, the first vehicles from GR Performance has debuted, the GR Sport 86 and GR 86.


Let's get one thing out of the way first. No, Toyota did not add power to the GR Sport 86 and GR 86. Both models continues to produce 207 PS and 212 Nm torque from the 2.0-liter flat four engine. The GR 86 is offered with a 6-speed manual only while the GR Sport 86 can be had with either a manual or an 6-speed automatic transmission.

On the outside, Gazoo Racing gave both the GR Sport 86 and GR 86 some aerodyamic upgrades. Starting with the GR Sport, it features a new front splitter, side skirt, wing and 17-inch wheels. Hidden behdind the wheels are new 4-piston/2-piston Brembo brakes at the front and rear, respectively. The GR 86 sports a similarly styled exterior package at the front and side. It does however have a new rear bumper with a center exit exhaust, 6-piston/4-piston brakes and 17-inch forged wheels.

The interior of the GR Sport 86 has also been upgraded. There is a leather steering wheel with silver stitching, a new white-face instrument cluster and exclusive GR Sport badging. The GR 86 gets the same upgrades but is fitted with new GR racing seats by Recaro. Both models can be had with the new GR-T Connect infotainment system which features a 'racing recorder' that records lap times and shows other vehicle parameters.

While the mechanicals of the GR Sport 86 was not altered in anyway, the GR 86 does have new suspension, improved body rigidity and a 'Dedicated Torsen LSD'.

Price for the GR Sport 86 begins at 3,780,000 yen (Php 1,825,180) while the GR 86 starts at (Php 2,400,000). That's excluding the TRD goodies you can add on top of it. 

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