Yesterday, we reported that Toyota said that the Japan-spec Super Grandia, the GranAce, is front-wheel drive. After all, it said so in their official release as having "an adapted front-wheel drive layout. Here's the screenshot below for reference.


It turns out, it was mistranslated after all. What Toyota meant to say was it had a front-engine layout, and not front-wheel drive. In the Japanese material, it mentions rear-wheel drive. So it's confirmed, the GranAce gets its drive from the rear wheels, just like the rest of all the markets.

That said, Toyota hasn't corrected the “front-wheel drive” statement on their official (English language) press release. We recommend Toyota fixing this as soon as possible as to avoid confusion to English readers. With all that in mind, it looks like we won't have to take a peek underneath the GranAce at the upcoming Tokyo Motor Show.

Toyota got lost in translation: GranAce is not FWD image

As for the rest of the GranAce, it's largely the same as the Super Grandia we have here save for the latter's left-hand drive configuration and the lack of a sensor on the roof. The Japan-spec Granace does get a much more advanced (and nicer) infotainment screen on board though. That aside, it's good to know that most of the goodies in the Japanese model are found in the local versions as well, Toyota Safety Sense included.