Looking for parts for your J40 LC?

Toyota's motorsport division, Gazoo Racing, hasn't just been busy developing better cars through racing worldwide; they have also been diverting resources to reproducing parts for older models. Being that they are a racing division, they initially focused on performance-oriented Toyotas like the A70 Supra, the A80 Supra, and the 2000GT.

Now, they will expand that parts line up further, but surprisingly not for models like the AE86 Trueno/Levin, the ST Celica, or the MR2. Instead, Toyota Gazoo Racing will be sourcing parts for one of the most legendary models in SUVs: the 40 Series Land Cruiser.

In an announcement, Toyota Gazoo Racing is preparing to reproduce and sell critical parts for the 40 Series (e.g. FJ40, BJ40) under their “heritage parts” program. Toyota didn't elaborate on the specific parts, but they will be focusing on important components related to critical vehicle functions that are becoming harder to acquire. That means Toyota Gazoo Racing will be making and selling important steering, driving, and brake parts.

Toyota Gazoo Racing isn't stopping there, though; they say they will reproduce driveline components, exhaust systems, and even full engines. That last one actually surprised us given that the 40 Series has had a variety of engines (2 gasoline and 6 diesel variants) in its 24-year production run from 1960 to 1984. Brazil actually produced it for a much longer period from 1968 to 2001.

Toyota arrived at the decision to reproduce 40 Series parts after conducting surveys with Land Cruiser dealers and fan clubs worldwide. Toyota says many of the customers “cherish” their 40 Series and are concerned about the shortage of spare parts that would prevent owners from enjoying their vehicles.

Currently, Toyota Gazoo Racing is making preparations to make the parts available. As to what that entails, we expect Toyota to be contacting the original parts suppliers for the vintage (and highly collectible) LC if they still have the capability to produce the parts with tooling (e.g. cast moulds) and/or schematics. It is also possible that some components will be 3D-printed if need be.

If you own a 40 Series Land Cruiser and are looking at some specific parts, there will be a questionnaire on the Toyota Gazoo Racing website where you can jot down your requests. The website isn't up yet, though.

Toyota says they will also look at reproducing parts for later Land Cruiser generations.

The important thing is this: Toyota says this will not just be a Japan-exclusive program. Just don't expect international shipping to be cheap though.