Toyota Motor Corporation, together with its subsidiaries Daihatsu Motor and Hino Motors, have big plans in store for 2020. The automaker recently announced that they plan to sell a total of 10.77 million passenger and commercial vehicles worldwide next year.

The majority of the 10.77 million sales will come from Toyota. Specifically, Toyota alone plans to sell around 9.75 million vehicles. Meanwhile, Daihatsu hopes to sell 820,000 models for 2020. Toyota's truck and bus subsidiary, Hino Motors, are expected to make up the rest of the 200,000 units with commercial vehicle sales. In comparison to their 2019 projections, this is a tad higher than Toyota's projected sales of 10.72 million units for the year ending this December.

In order to meet the projected 10.77 million vehicles sold in 2020, the Group will be increasing production globally as well. Toyota alone plans to produce 9.15 million vehicles while Daihatsu and Hino peg productions at 1.55 million, and 200,000 units, respectively. All in all, the Toyota Group plans to build 10.9 million vehicles in 2020.

Toyota Group's projected figures are really big numbers for sure. Some of you reading this might even say they are overly optimistic. But, do remember that Toyota alone is the world's second largest automakers next to Volkswagen. Considering the plans Toyota has for 2020, it is even possible that the automaker will achieve its 2020 target sales without the help of Daihatsu and Hino.

There's a lot to expect from Toyota in 2020 such as all-new models like the Yaris hatchback and other upcoming models. At the same time, the automaker is expected to launch its lineup of battery electric vehicles at the start of the new decade. Technology-wise, the Japanese automaker is also investing into research for the next-generation features such as self-driving vehicles.

With their projected sales on the rise, the Toyota Group might soon even to top Volkswagen to become the new top-selling automaker in the world.