Toyota is out to make the world a safer place for both drivers and pedestrians. Aside from the Toyota Safety Sense technology, the automaker also wants to prevent sudden accidental acceleration, or SUA. Sound familiar? 

Toyota’s new safety feature helps prevent SUA image

The Japanese automaker recently introduced a new piece of technology that can help prevent SUA-type accidents (or claims) called Acceleration Suppression Function (ASF). The system works with technology currently found in several Toyota models today called Intelligent Clearance Sonar. This system helps detect walls and other vehicles when accelerating quickly through the use of sonars. However, the new ASF works without needing to detect anything.

Rather than simply relying on sonar, the system works by analyzing instances where the driver has abnormal acceleration inputs. Specifically, the system analyzes three different parameters: vehicle speed, the speed at which pressure is applied to the pedal, and the angle at which the pressure is applied. If ASF detects any anomaly, it will automatically kick in to prevent any possible unintended acceleration made by the driver.

Toyota’s new safety feature helps prevent SUA image

Toyota says that ASF can also determine instances when the driver actually wants to rapidly accelerate. These include such as driving regularly on the freeway, merging, overtaking a slower vehicle, or accelerating from a temporary stop.

Toyota hopes that the implementation of ASF, together with Intelligent Clearance Sonar, the number of road accidents from pedal misapplication can be reduced. The automaker plans to roll out the new feature in Japan first. As a result, new vehicles will have this feature as standard. However, Toyota plans to offer a retrofit function allowing ASF to be used on older models later this year.