Toyota reaches 300 million production car milestone

The vast number of Toyota vehicles on the road tell the story of how much of an industry giant the Toyota Motor Company is, not just here in the country but all over the world.

In case you're wondering how many vehicles have they made throughout the years, Toyota Motor Corporation recently announced they have reached a cumulative global production total of 300 million cars. This includes production numbers as of September 2023.

Toyota has made over 300 million vehicles image

They achieved the milestone 88 years and two months after the very first Toyota vehicle, the Model G1 truck, rolled out of the production line.

In its home country Japan, Toyota has made 180.52 million cars as of September 2023, while its numerous production facilities abroad have reached 119.6 million cars produced.

Toyota has made over 300 million vehicles image

Meanwhile, it's no surprise that the Toyota model with the highest total production goes to the ever-popular Corolla. Introduced in 1966, the Corolla has gone over twelve generations and has reached a production total of 53.4 million units as of September 2023.

"Kiichiro Toyoda said, 'Carmaking is something everyone does together.' I think this number of 300 million stands as proof of all the hard work, every day, of our colleagues at Toyota, our suppliers, and dealers, and all the many other stakeholders, as well as all those who came before us. Each time, what has saved us are the customers who love Toyota cars. I think the number of cars tells the stories of our customers, and the customers who have chosen Toyota cars to be their partners through their own stories are what allow us to continue making cars to this day,” said TMC chairman Akio Toyoda.