2018 marks the 50th birthday of the Toyota Hilux. To commemorate the production milestone, the Japanese automaker has unveiled a special, limited edition model that gives the pick-up a tougher look. Dubbed the Z Black Rally Edition, it gets unique touches inside and out to separate it from the standard models.

Toyota Hilux gets tougher looks for its 50th birthday

Toyota threw out most of the chrome in the special Hilux, replacing most of it with gloss black trim. It gets a Land Cruiser-inspired grill, along with a skid plate finished in gray. The tires get a bit of an old-school touch with the Dunlop Grandtrek All-terrain rubber getting bold white lettering. While we're on the subject of wheels, it gets unique alloys which are also finished in gloss black.

The Black Rally Edition also sprouts overfenders, giving the pick-up a wider stance. More black trimmings are found on the door handles and the door mirrors get a lick of metallic black paint. Also, the rear bumper is no longer finished in chrome. Instead, it's painted gray, just like the skid plate in front.

Toyota Hilux gets tougher looks for its 50th birthday

Instead of the usual gloss black trim, the special edition Hilux gets metallic black panels on the dashboard and on the doors. It also gets a chrome strip on the dashboard fascia, something not seen in the standard variants. The steering wheel on the other hand is wrapped in leather, and also gets metallic black inserts. Most noticeable is the the new instrument cluster with its white embellishments and unique design.

In Japan, things are a little different under the hood. Instead of the 2.8-liter turbodiesel, it uses the smaller 2.4-liter unit. Power is still the same at 150 PS and 400 Nm of torque. Unlike the Philippine-spec models, the Japanese Hilux gets 4WD standard across the range, and that includes the Z Black Rally Edition.

For now, there is no word if the 50th anniversary special will be offered outside of Japan. What is possible is other regions having their own limited edition models to celebrate the Hilux's golden year.