Blue halo out, HEV badge in

In the Philippine market, Toyota might be the brand that offers the most choices when it comes to hybrids. You have the Yaris Cross, the Corolla Altis, the Corolla Cross, the RAV4, the Zenix, the Camry, and even the new Alphard now comes with a hybrid variant.

But have you noticed something different, or something amiss in the newer hybrids that Toyota has rolled out?

Toyota blue halo hybrid badge will soon be a thing of the past image

If you take a closer look, the hybrids that came out this year such as the Zenix and Yaris Cross do not have Toyota's trademark blue halo badge. Even the refreshed ones like the Corolla and the Corolla Cross in its GR-S variant don't have it anymore. It used to be the main identifying mark of cars like the Camry and the Corolla to tell traffic enforcers “Yes, hybrid. Coding proof”. But now it's gone.

So how can traffic enforcers identify a Toyota hybrid now? Well, there's still that hybrid badge found at the back or the fender, but soon Toyota is making it simpler.

Toyota blue halo hybrid badge will soon be a thing of the past image

It's that HEV badge at the back with the Beyond Zero blue dot emblem. Based on an article from MotorTrend, it's one of Toyota's new ways of identifying its hybrids, as they want their HEVs, PHEVs, BEVs, and Fuel Cell EVs to fall under the single Beyond Zero lineup. The 2025 Camry in the US has recently adopted the emblem change, and locally it's the Yaris Cross HEV that's already sporting this new trademark.

So what happens to the blue halo-badged Toyotas now? Well, the existing Toyota models that have the blue halo badge will apparently soon adopt this identity once they reach their next model refresh cycle.

Toyota blue halo hybrid badge will soon be a thing of the past image

While the blue halo does indeed look cool, the status quo at Toyota means we won't be seeing them in newer Toyota hybrid models anymore. Which badge would you have preferred? The Toyota blue halo or the new HEV with the blue dot? Let us know in the comments.