The first hydrogen fuel cell from Toyota won’t hit the roads until 2015 but the biggest automotive brand in the Philippines is already putting it to good use in the United States.

In their continuous effort to be environment-friendly, Toyota has installed a 1.11 megawatt stationary fuel cell, the very first time it has been used in this manner, at the Toyota Motor Sales headquarters near Los Angeles to generate electricity and reduce operational costs.  It has been able to supply the power for six of the buildings on-site.

Operating under the same ‘Proton Exchange Membrane’ (PEM) system of the FCV, this implementation is the ‘largest of its kind in the world.’

The PEM turn on and off quickly making them suitable for automotive use in traffic.  Its commercial use in an establishment is expected to reduce CO2 emissions by up to 1,500 tonnes.

“Most other fuel cell technologies need to run continuously to generate baseload power. This project is unique in that we are leveraging the characteristics of the PEM technology to load-follow,” said Mark Yamamuchi, who manages the site’s sustainable strategy programme.