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Toyota i-Ride Concept is a wheelchair-friendly city runaround


Toyota reveals the electric i-Ride, i-Walk mobility solutions for 45th Tokyo Motor Show

Wheelchair-bound motorists may soon be able to get around the city more easily thanks to Toyota's latest concept, the i-Ride. Set to make its world debut at the 45th Tokyo Motor Show, the i-Ride is a fully-electric, two-seater that can hold and store one's wheelchair securely at the back when needed.

Essentially a smaller version of the Concept-i (revealed during the 2017 Consumer Electronics Show), the i-Ride has a small footprint and only measures 2500mm long, 1300mm wide and 1500mm tall. It comes with large gullwing doors, along with an electrically-operated seat that slides towards the entrance for easier ingress/egress. A large canopy-like design encompasses the i-Ride which gives the concept plenty of outside visibility.


Instead of having the usual steering wheel and pedals, the i-Ride comes with a joystick that controls the EV's acceleration and braking. Parking the i-Ride can be done with ease thanks to the onboard systems that can automatically park the vehicle safely.

Apart from those, the i-Ride also has the AI Agent which acts as the car's intelligent infotainment system. It can be managed on the i-Ride's instrument panel and can display various infos and the like.

Powering the i-Ride concept is an electric powertrain that has a maximum cruising range of 150 km. However, Toyota did not state how much time it needs to be recharged or how much power the electric motor produces.

Aside from the i-Ride, Toyota will also be showing the i-Walk concept come opening day. It's a small mobility vehicle that resembles a scooter of sorts. It has three wheels, a variable wheelbase adjuster, a steering wheel and a low floor for ease of use. It also comes with a plethora of safety systems that will alert the rider from imminent danger.

It can also automatically veer away from incoming danger should the rider not be able to avoid it in time. Like the i-Ride, the i-Walk is powered by electricity and has a maximum range of 20 km.

Both the i-Ride and i-Walk, along with the the Concept-i will be present during the 2017 Tokyo Motor Show from Oct 27 – Nov 5.

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