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Toyota is the most innovative automaker, again


Toyota issued the most patents by US IPO for the second straight year

From artificial skin for pedestrian safety mannequins, self-cleaning fabrics and advanced autonomous vehicle features like emergency vehicle detection, Toyota Motor Corporation (TMC) continues to innovate in the automotive industry in an effort to make vehicles better and safer.

All that work has led to TMC becoming the only automaker to get issued the most patents by the United States Patent and Trademark Office for the second year in a row.

TMC designers and engineers have received 1,636 patents since 2015 and in the last eight years have received more patents than any car company.


This achievement by TMC has been recognized in the recently released publication by the Intellectual Property Owners Association (IPO). 

It clearly shows TMC’s ‘commitment to ever better cars that achieve greater safety, environmental and technological advancements.’

“As companies in the automotive industry transform themselves into broader mobility providers, no auto company better demonstrates innovation and technology for the future than Toyota. We’re focused on delivering great experiences for our customers, a cornerstone of Toyota’s product commitment, and this recognition is proof we’re living up to that promise,” said Jeff Makarewicz, senior vice president, Toyota Technical Center (TTC), Toyotas North American research & development headquarters.

Toyota was recently recognized as the only automaker to be among the top 20 on the IPO list joining Apple, Google, IBM and Microsoft.

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