Not everyone likes having chrome on their car. Some may find it tacky, and will likely end up painting it black. Well, with the Corolla Nightshade Edition, Toyota has already done it for them.

Based on a standard 2020 Corolla SE in the US, the Corolla Nightshade Edition features blacked-out exterior trim and is available in both the sedan and hatchback variant. As the Nightshade name implies, there are no chrome bits anywhere on the vehicle. Up front, the grill and grill surround has been painted in black. The same treatment has been applied to the lower front rocker, door handles and side mirror caps.

Toyota kills all chrome with the Corolla Nightshade Edition image

At the rear, the spoiler, diffuser, and even the shark fin antenna have also been finished in the same black gloss paint. To fully rid the car of chrome bits, the headlight housing has also been finished in black together with the Toyota logo both front and rear. The Nightshade Edition also features unique 18-inch wheels which also come in one color – you guessed it, black. You can even have the optional black roof for the Corolla hatchback for the complete blacked out package.

Toyota kills all chrome with the Corolla Nightshade Edition image

Inside, the interior is largely carried over from the Corolla SE. However, Toyota says cabin will feature black fabric all around to complement the exterior. For 2020, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto also come standard.

Ironically, the Corolla Nightshade Edition is available in colors aside from Black. Toyota USA also offers the blackened out Corolla in Super White and Classic Silver Metallic.

Toyota kills all chrome with the Corolla Nightshade Edition image

As with most special edition variants, the changes are purely cosmetic. Under the hood, the Corolla Nightshade Edition is still available with a host of engine options. As it is based on an SE, both hatchback and sedan versions will get a CVT.

While it’s unlikely that the Corolla Nightshade Edition will be offered locally, we will be getting the new Corolla very soon, and that is something to be more excited about.