Toyota Motor Philippines Corporation (TMPC) announces today the market introduction of the all-new 2006 Toyota Camry. Toyota's Flagship model has been completely redesigned to elevate its position from the sophisticated medium-size passenger car to a premium luxury sedan. The 2006 Toyota Camry features class-leading technology such as 3.5-Liter Dual VVT-i engine, cruise control, push start and smart entry system, plus an abundance of state-of-the-art luxurious features and styling both in the interior and exterior.

The first Camry debuted in 1980, then known as the rear-wheel-drive Celica Camry. Two years after its introduction, it was positioned as a global vehicle as exports of the luxurious front-wheel-drive sedan started. The Camry status as a global model has since been thoroughly established. At present, it is being produced in eight countries including Japan, and is being sold in more than 100 countries and regions. With this sales growth over the years, the Camry has achieved cumulative global sales of more than 10 million units. The Camry continues to be Toyota's flagship model in Asia.

In the Philippines, the Camry product history started 10 years ago when it was officially introduced in 1996 and was positioned in the mid-size PC segment. It started getting the spotlight for market leadership when the next generation version was launched in 2002. It made its way up with highest sales recorded in 2004 (almost 1,300 units). With a long product history, a reliable manufacturer, and a reputation of being the number one sedan choice for the country's leaders, the Camry continued to lead the way.

Based on the Toyota brand design philosophy of "Vibrant Clarity," the new Camry balances a sense of energy that speaks of its powerful driving performance and a refreshing interior space that evokes a sense of invigorating openness. By adopting a package that expands the wheelbase and front and rear tracks, the Camry boasts an exterior appearance that expresses strength and stability, as well as a roomy and comfortable interior with extensive flat-surfaced legroom for the rear seat and ample cargo space. The Camry has an overall dimension of 4,825mm X 1,820mm X 1,470mm in length, width and height.

The new Camry adopts a lightweight, high-rigidity body that seeks both a quiet cabin and superior aerodynamic properties, recording a coefficient drag of 0.29. It features a 2GR-FE 3.5-Liter V-Type, six-cylinder DOHC 24-Valve VVT-i engine which provides maximum output of 2776,200rpm, and maximum torque of 346NMs at 4,700rpm. With the newly developed V6 3.5-liter engine and its advanced technology features, the Camry goes beyond the standard of prestige cars.

The chassis system is highlighted by the six-speed sequential automatic transmission for top-of-the-line variant, and five-speed sequential automatic for the 2.4-liter V and G variants. This transmission technology lets ample power pass more efficiently to the wheels, while the sequential shift lever lets the driver enjoy manual transmission-like aggressiveness and sporty drive. The most suitable gear is selected according to the driving condition, resulting to a pleasant driving experience. It's also fitted with a 16-inch front disc brakes, and 15-inch disc for the rear, providing better stopping power. 215/55R 17-inch alloy wheels and 215/55R 17 tires are standard for the Q variant.

The 2006 Camry passes the highest standards for global quality with its active and passive safety features to cope with different driving situations. The Camry features ABS and brake assist, coupled with new vehicle stability control (VSC) technology. The VSC detects tire slippage and automatically helps stabilize the car when driving on slippery roads. An adaptive Front Lighting System (AFS) enhances nighttime visibility by automatically regulating the headlamp beam pattern in response to steering input and driving conditions. Driver and passenger airbags are offered across all variants, with the addition of side airbags for the top-of-the-line 3.5Q model.

The Camry's new features are characterized by high-tech hospitality, engineered for the discerning taste of its target market, the new breed of leaders. Exterior developments include HID lights with AFS headlamps, combined with the automatic-dynamic headlamp leveling device and auto light control system. This auto-leveling device fixes the illumination axis in accordance with the forward and backward tilt of the car while in motion. Electric retractable outer mirrors are incorporated with wide view and reverse link features, and integrated with side turn signal lamps. Upon shifting into reverse, the mirror would show the rear tire area to facilitate safer backing-up.

The Camry's high-tech hospitality continues in the luxurious interior equipped with high-end features that will surely give the driver and its passengers a royal treatment. Beginning with the driver's seat, the steering wheel is made of leather with wood grain material, and incorporates manual tilt and telescopic system. Giving the driver the full control, the steering wheel also incorporates audio, air condition and multi-information display (MID) buttons. Information such as odometer/trip meter, outside temperature, average speed, cruising range, average fuel consumption and elapsed time are instantly displayed.

Once seated, the driver can easily start and stop its engine with the push-button feature. The Smart Entry and Start System employ a Smart Key to lock and unlock the doors and a button to start the engine-all one needs is to have the vehicle key on one's person or nearby.

The fully automatic air conditioner features independent temperature controls for the driver's side and passenger's side. It is equipped with plasma cluster ions (an air-cleaning technology) that fills the cabin with refreshing air characterized by an ultimately balanced ratio of positive and negative ions. This plasma cluster purifies the air inside the car by preventing absorption of mold, fungus, and dust.

The 2006 Camry is offered in three variants: 3.5Q 6-speed automatic transmission priced at P1.99 M, the 2.4V at P1.646 M and the 2.4G at P1.431 M (with the latter two models toting five-speed automatic transmissions). Available shades are white pearl, silver metallic, beige metallic, and black mica.