Model overview

The Toyota International Innovative Multi-purpose Vehicle line up, otherwise known as IMV, is a very successful platform for the Toyota brand. Originally launched in 2005, the IMV line spawned three top selling vehicles in their respective classes: the Innova MPV, the Hilux pick up truck and the Fortuner 7-seat SUV.

The Hilux and Fortuner were initially updated in 2008 with a new look, and again in 2011 for an even newer look and better comfort, especially for the Fortuner. For the new 2013 model year, Toyota chose a more substantial engineering upgrade for the Hilux and Fortuner.

Exterior design and dimensions

On the outside, the new models are identical in design and size to the late 2011 facelift. What differs is a new, bright red color for the Hilux, as well as a new hood scoop design for the top mount intercooler (now in the middle, as opposed to the smaller, off-center scoop for the previous 3.0 model).

Interior design and features

Like the exterior, the cabins of the Fortuner and Hilux present no design changes with the same interiors as their respective counterparts from 2011. What has changed is a new audio system for the higher variants, as the higher models get a DVD system with iPod compatibility, Bluetooth and satellite navigation.


Powertrain and suspension

The 3.0G Hilux and 3.0V Fortuner's engine and transmission remain the same, as since 2005, the 3.0L DOHC 16-valve Inline-4 common rail direct injection diesel (D4-D in Toyota speak) engine for the IMV line already had the Variable Nozzle Turbo (VNT) with a top mount intercooler. The 3.0 D4-D engine produces 163 metric horsepower at 3400 rpm and 343 Newton meters at 1400-3200 rpm.

The 2.7 liter engine is still the same as the original Fortuner (the Hilux's 2.7L variant has been discontinued) with VVT-i helping it to produce 160 PS and 241 newton meters.

The big difference is the 2.5 liter D4-D engine, as it now gets a Variable Nozzle Turbo (same as the 3.0 liter version) that significantly boosts its power. While the old engine does just 102 PS and 260 newton meters, the new system gives a 40% kick in power at 144 PS and 30% more torque at 343 Newton meters (matching the 3.0L engine)

On the Clark Speedway, we got a sample of the new engine's characteristics. Where the previous 2.5L engine in the Hilux and Fortuner is overworked due to its lack of power and torque (it was alright in the Innova(, the new engine is more than a match for the heavier vehicles, giving much better acceleration in between turns. With the newfound power and torque, hauling cargo will be made easier (especially for the Hilux) as well as make uphill climbs and overtaking easier on the highway.


Safety and security

For safety, the Fortuner and Hilux retain their previous features such as ABS (for the Fortuner and Hilux 3.0G only), dual airbags and the high strength body. Keyless entry is standard for all models except the Hilux J.

Variants, prices and colors

The Hilux is available in shades of either either Lithium, Silky Gold Mica Metallic, Dark Steel Mica Metallic, Xtreme Black. The Freedom White color is now made available for the G and E variants. Also introducing a new color for the Hilux is the Super Red only available for the G variant.

Toyota Hilux 2.5E VNT 4x2 M/T Php 972,000

Toyota Hilux 2.5G VNT 4x2 M/T Php 1,131,000

Toyota Hilux 3.0G VNT 4x4 M/T PhP 1,420,000

Toyota Hilux 3.0G VNT 4x4 A/T PhP 1,474,000

The Fortuner is available in shades of either Lithium, Silky Gold Mica Metallic, Dark Grey, Dark Steel Mica Metallic, Xtreme Black. A White Pearl color on all variants is now available for an additional P15, 000.

Toyota Fortuner 2.7G VVT-i 4x2 A/T PhP 1,358,000

Toyota Fortuner 2.5G VNT 4x2 M/T PhP 1,381,000

Toyota Fortuner 2.5G VNT 4x2 A/T PhP 1,484,000

Toyota Fortuner 3.0V VNT 4x4 A/T PhP 1,759,000

All Fortuners can be ordered in White Pearl for an additional Php 15,000 for all variants.