Toyota Motor Philippines Corporation brings a fresher, sportier image for the country's best selling sedan and SUV with the introduction of the New TRD Vios and Fortuner Accessories. Experience the best of both worlds with looks that inspire envy and performance that delivers the rush and edginess of the racetrack. TRD accessories are designed to fulfill every motorist's passion for spirited driving. TRD accessories composing of aero parts, alloy wheels and suspension sets will be available in the Philippine market beginning December of 2009.

TRD Design Concept

The new Vios and Fortuner TRD accessories perfectly fuse sporty and trendy without compromising sophistication in its new aero parts design. The sleek contours of each aero skirt compliment the fun and outgoing lifestyle of the modern Filipino auto enthusiast -- a lifestyle that shuns the ordinary and craves the exciting!

Made from high grade polyurethane (PUR) rubber, TRD aero parts are designed for flexibility that is perfect be it for high speed driving or just for easy cruising. The material has also been tested to withstand extreme weather conditions. So whether it's the looks you're aiming for, or the attitude that comes with it, these new TRD accessories are sure to deliver the job.

Complete the exterior upgrade with new TRD alloy wheels available in 15" for the Vios and 18" for the Fortuner. These sporty rims in gun metallic are sure to breathe a distinctive flair to the vehicle.

TRD Performance

And since TRD is all about function and performance, special TRD suspensions have been designed to upgrade every ordinary drive into a great riding experience!

Enjoy a more fun and thrilling journey with TRD suspensions enhancing the Vios and Fortuner's handling performance. Experience maximum stability and less body roll when turning at corners. TRD suspensions lower down the vehicle giving it optimum traction and improved center of gravity. And since these are not your typical stiff race car suspensions, the new TRD springs and shock absorbers bring you all the fun without sacrificing riding comfort.

Applicability and Pricing

The new TRD accessories are applicable to all Vios and Fortuner variants.

Vios TRD aero parts package consisting of the Front, Rear, Side Skirts, TRD Emblem and Muffler Cutter is at PhP93,500. Vios TRD suspension set is at PhP49,500. And the Vios wheels package consisting of 15" alloy wheels and TRD centre caps sell at PhP51,500.

Fortuner TRD accessories are also available in the same packages. The Fortuner TRD aero package comprised of the Front and Rear Skirts, Side Step Covers, Roof Spoiler, Muffler Cutter, TRD Sticker and TRD Emblem is at PhP119,500. The Fortuner TRD suspension set sells at PhP47,300. While the 18" TRD alloy wheels set with center caps is available at PhP110,700.