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Toyota, Lexus take the lead for 2015 Auto Focus' Automobile of the Year


Toyota Fortuner, Lexus NX top Standard and Luxury classifications

Midway into the six-month poll of the 2015-2016 Auto Focus People’s Choice Awards (AFPCA), the Toyota Fortuner midsize SUV and the Lexus NX200t compact SUV now stand atop the “Automobile of the Year” (AOY) standings in their respective Standard and Luxury classifications.

The unique AFPCA scoring system puts a 20% value on unit sales from January-September 2015, and 80% on public votes from the April 1 – September 30, 2015 online poll being conducted on the Auto Focus voting page on Facebook. The current results have so far factored in unit sales from January-April 2015. The weighted scores for sales and votes are also added to determine a particular model’s Total Score.

With a cumulative score of 1,644 points, the Fortuner is the front runner in the compact 4-model lead pack that includes the Toyota Innova (1,301 points), the Toyota HiAce (1,196.2 points) and the Mitsubishi Montero Sport (1180.2 points) in the ongoing race for “2015-2016 Auto Focus Automobile of the Year – Standard Classification” honors.


“At the moment, the standings in the Standard classification appear to be influenced mainly by these models’ sales performance over the first 4 months of the year. However, these can still take a drastic turn since we still have almost 3 months of voting left, and the fact that votes have 80% weight in the AFPCA scoring system.” said Gerry Aquino, Chairman of the AFPCA Awards Committee.

Notably absent in the 2015 AFPCA is the Toyota Vios. According to Ray Butch Gamboa, Chairman and CEO of Sunshine Television, the Toyota Vios has been elevated to the AFPCA Hall of Fame as the nameplate was able to win multiple awards in the Standard classification including Subcompact of The Year and the coveted Automobile of The Year which the car has won over the past 3 years.

Over to Luxury classification, the new Lexus NX200t has garnered 910.2 points and has already established a significant margin atop the Auto Focus AOY leaderboard with its closest pursuers hard-pressed to pass or reach the 100 point mark.

The AFPCA public poll has been ongoing since April 1 and will close at midnight of September 30, 2015. Those interested in being part of this annual exercise to determine the country’s most popular automobile brands and models may do so by logging onto their official website or visiting the dedicated Auto Focus page on Facebook and liking the AFPCA voting application.

Voters can submit their votes for their preferred Standard and Luxury models once every day. Updated, up-to-the-minute tallies in each of the 11 Standard and 11 Luxury Model of the Year, as well as for the Automobile of the Year for both classifications, may also be viewed on the website.

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