Toyota Motor Corporation  is looking outside its walls for new ways to enhance current mobility options as the global population continues to rise along with the fast adoption of technology in the motoring industry.

The invitation to send new proposals for new services has been sent out to various companies and R&D (research and development) organizations regarding a variety of topics in order for newly launched Toyota NEXT to determine which ones they can act on based on the resources the automaker has.

Topics that Toyota prefers include services to make mobility safer for all people, promote ‘more pleasant and enjoyable’ automobile use, services to enhance customer loyalty and more personalized service using data from Toyota.

Toyota NEXT intends ‘to promote joint development of new services by utilizing new ideas, technologies, and solutions held by various companies and R&D organizations regardless of scale, as well as by businesses that have already launched services, which departs from our usual practices of trying to be self-sufficient in terms of development.’

Whatever innovation solutions Toyota NEXT develops will be jointly released in stages beginning 2017 in Japan.