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Toyota and Mazda strike partnership for hybrid technology


Hybrid Sharing for major Japanese automakers

Toyota Motor Corporation and Mazda Motor Corporation have reached an agreement on the supply under license of hybrid technology, the Hybrid Synergy Drive used in the Toyota Prius.

Mazda plans to combine the hybrid system with its next-generation SKY engine that is currently under development, and develop and manufacture a hybrid vehicle in Japan. Mazda is aiming to commence sales of a hybrid vehicle starting in Japan by 2013.

Positioning response to environmental issues as a management priority, Toyota began sales of the Prius, the world's first mass-production hybrid vehicle, in 1997. Since then, over 2.3 million TMC-produced hybrid vehicles have been delivered to customers in over 70 countries and regions.

Toyota recognizes the importance of benefiting the environment by encouraging the popularization of its eco-friendly technologies, which are represented by its hybrid systems. Accordingly, TMC has announced that it will consider requests from other companies to supply hybrid technology.

Through this partnership, each company intends to offer technologies and products with outstanding environmental benefits to as many people as possible.
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