Toyota has been since been transitioning itself from simply being an automobile manufacturer to a mobility company over the past few years. As such, Toyota Motor Philippines (TMP) has also adopted this ideology and brand philosophy too. In fact, last year, the automaker announced they will be reorganizing its business model from “car ownership” to “car usership”.

Toyota Motor PH

But in order to know what kind of mobility people need, specifically the Filipino people, they need to know what the daily commute is like for the public. To get a first-hand experience of how public transport works in the country, TMP's new president, Atsuhiro Okamoto, decided to experience the wonders of commuting in the country. No, he didn't create a group to do so and make a report on findings. He himself decided to brave Metro Manila's public transport system.

Specifically, he took the bus, a round trip of the MRT, queued for the UV Express and even took a tricycle ride to Tondo in Manila. When was the last time you saw a company president or a government official taking public transport or riding a trike to Tondo for that matter?

Toyota Motor PH

From his experience of commuting in Manila, Okamoto noted that public transport here is unlike that of other countries such as Japan or Singapore. In particular, he says that the mass transport system is not enough to accommodate the huge number of daily commuters.

After experiencing the difficulties Filipino commuters experience daily, he has since challenged Toyota to take part in solving this issue. This way, the quality of life for most Filipinos will be improved. Okamoto has not specified how he and the company will do so or when the change will arrive. We will, however, likely see it during his term here as TMP president.