Toyota Motorsport GmbH (TMG) held the global debut of its high-performance TMG Sports 650 (TS-650) Concept at the Essen Motor Show. The Lexus LS based TS-650 is Toyota's answer to Brabus, AMG, and BMW's M division.  As a showcase for TMG's high-performance capabilities, this heavily-modified road car is intended to push the limits of performance in all areas.

TS-650 engine

While the car is based on Lexus' flagship car, the similarities end there. Aerodynamics has received generous improvements with a generous application of carbon fiber and TMG's cutting-edge wind tunnels. Under the hood is a twin-turbo 5.0-liter V8 capable of 650 PS and 765Nm of torque revving all the way ‘til 7450rpm; it is mated to an eight-speed high-torque-capacity transmission. The car goes up to 320 km/h.

TS-650 rear

To maximize driving performance, a Torsen rear differential was fitted, a performance multi-link suspension system was put in place while Brembo Carbon Ceramic brakes provide the stopping power. The car rolls on huge 20-inch wheels; 10-inches wide at the front wrapped with 275/35R20 tires and 12-inches wide at the rear with 345/30R20 tires. As a performance option, 295/35R20 upgrades will be available for the front for even better front-end grip.

The TMG Sports 650 promises to be a high-end limousine-sized car which is equally comfortable and exciting on the road as on track days.

Displayed alongside the TS-650 at the TMG stand are the TS030 Hybrid WEC car, GT86 CS-V3 and Yaris R1A.

"The Essen Motor Show is a great opportunity to highlight a range of TMG's current projects, from the very high-end engineering like our race-winning WEC car or the road-going TMG Sports 650 to entry-level competition with the GT86 CS-V3 and Yaris R1A. These vehicles perfectly illustrate the diversity of our company and they also highlight the spirit of TMG; high-performance is part of our DNA and we want to share that passion with fans, drivers and racers," said Yoshiaki Kinoshita, President of TMG.