Having been a staple of racing games as early as the late 90's, Toyota is a brand that has become very familiar with having their vehicles replicated to be driven in various games throughout the decades. Imagine then the shock of their decision to pull out from having their cars featured in games back in 2017. Without citing any specific reason, Toyota just upped and pulled the plug on licensing for games such as EA's Need For Speed and the Forza Motorsport franchise. This move then left a gaping hole for fans as people can no longer drive a Toyota in-game.

Toyota and Need For Speed have a spat on Twitter image

This sore nerve may have been pulled more recently by the upcoming release of the new Need For Speed title, NFS Heat. A fan tweeted at Toyota UK regarding the absence of their vehicles, to which they've replied 'You can find our cars in GT Sport, which doesn't promote illegal street racing.' This jab simply prompted a snide response from the Need For Speed account with a simple 'pfft nerds.'

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Truth be told though, the statement from Toyota UK does not appear to be a general consensus within Toyota with regard to their decision to pull licensing. Granted, while their vehicles do still appear in Gran Turismo Sport Toyota isn't exactly perfectly clean from the 'street racing' genre of video games even to this day. One example would be their presence in Japanese arcade games such as Initial D Zero (2017) and in Wangan Midnight Maximum Tune 6 (2019).

We may not be too sure still as to why Toyota have decided to pull licensing for western games, but judging from the fact that they still have presence in Japanese games it seems they feel more at home being represented by fellow Japanese titles in the meantime.

Toyota and Need For Speed have a spat on Twitter image