The three Japanese auto giants have agreed to collaborate in accelerating the development of hydrogen station infrastructure for fuel cell vehicles (FCVs) in Japan.

Toyota, Nissan and Honda are driven to popularize FCVs as well as ensure that it can be refueled easily. Subsequently, the said automakers have recognized the need for automobile manufacturers to promote the development of hydrogen station infrastructure alongside the government and infrastructure companies.

This move is in line with Japan's Strategic Road Map for Hydrogen and Fuel Cell which highlights the importance of developing hydrogen stations. Under the said road map, the Japanese government is not only supporting the installation of hydrogen stations by means of subsidies but, has also introduced policies aimed at promoting activities that generate new demand for FCVs.

With this, the three automakers will give careful consideration to concrete initiatives such as underwriting a portion of the expenses involved in the operation of hydrogen stations. As of this writing, specific measures to be undertaken by the the said automakers are yet to be determined.