...but GR Yaris and GR Corolla to face slight production delay

After announcing multiple production suspensions due to parts shortages and lockdowns last year, things seem to be looking better for Toyota on its manufacturing side for 2023.

Toyota released its latest bulletin on the production plan for its Japanese plants, as well as the planned global production volume for February. In the coming month, Toyota expects to produce approximately 750,000 units, where 300,000 of those consists of units made in Japan and 450,000 are made in their overseas production plants.

Toyota: No production stoppage for LC300 plant next month image

As far as production stoppages are concerned, it's also a bit of good news as Toyota will only be suspending production for two days in just one plant – the Motomachi factory that builds models like the Mirai, Crown, bZ4X, Subaru Solterra, Lexus LC, GR Yaris, and GR Corolla.

It's a significant improvement from the issues that Toyota has faced, as they have gone as far as suspending production for multiple days in 7 of their 14 Japanese plants last year.

Toyota: No production stoppage for LC300 plant next month image

As we can recall from the previous year, Toyota was forced to suspend orders of some of their most popular models due to parts shortages and health concerns – that included the Land Cruiser 300 and its counterpart, the Lexus LX. But since around October 2022, the Toyota Auto Body Yoshiwara plant where the LC300 and Lexus LX are being made has not faced any scheduled production stoppages.

With that said, Toyota may have already found a way to streamline its production operations despite still suffering from supply chain issues like any other car manufacturer. That can only mean good news for car buyers as there's a possibility they won't have to face a long waiting period to get the latest models they want.