Much of the world's vehicle production has come to a standstill in the last month, but manufacturers have since found ways to help get things back to “normal”. To give much-needed help to the medical front liners fighting against the pandemic, Toyota has upped their face shield production. From a slow 500 – 600 units produced, they have increased their output to approximately 2,000 per day as of April 27.

This was made possible following the joint efforts of Toyota Motor Corporation (simply, Toyota) and Toyota Group companies. The brand we well know is, of course, Toyota’s automotive arm. In Japan Toyota is more than just vehicles, and the other companies under Toyota Group joining the production efforts are Toyota Motor East Japan, Inc., Toyoda Gosei Co., Ltd., Daihatsu Motor Co., Ltd., and Hino Motors Ltd.

No new cars, but Toyota now makes 2,000 face shields every day image

This is not Toyota’s first foray into social-contribution services and activities, though. Rewind to the Japan earthquake in 2011, under the banner of what was named the Kokoro Hakobu Project, Toyota has already given aid to those greatest affected by the quake. Now as the COVID-19 pandemic continues its spread, the Project again takes up arms to provide protective equipment for medical facilities and local governments in the localities of the various companies of the group.

Toyota continues this commitment and has made face shield production and distribution their priority. Following their policy of being “mindful of the feelings of those in the midst of this pandemic, reach conclusions more swiftly, make prompt decisions, and take immediate action faster than ever focusing on safety and security as the highest priorities." With automotive manufacturers joining in the battle, this is a most welcome step towards better addressing and defeating the coronavirus.