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Toyota opens new Indonesian plant for Vios engines


Toyota engine plant in West Java can make 216,000 engines per year

Toyota Motor Corporation (TMC) has just inaugurated its third plant in Karawang, Indonesia – the first one in the province to manufacture engines and the first plants outside of Japan to use inorganic sand cores and on-site smelting.

The Karawang Engine Plant, which started engine production late last month, has the capacity to manufacture 216,000 engines per year. It will be tasked to make the 1.3L and 1.5L NR engines for domestic use and export as well. The new NR series engines are equipped with Dual VVT-i for improved efficiency. They have been confirmed for the 2016 Toyota Vios and are likely headed to the Yaris which shares the same platform as well.


Built at the cost of 2.3 trillion rupiah or Php 8,183,706,860.25, the new engine plant is the first to use two cutting-edge engine-making technologies outside of Japan in order to minimize cost and maximize production.

Using on-site smelting eliminates many dangers that come with transporting molten metal. By reducing the size of the furnace, the plant is able to directly connect it to the casting machine to speed up the engine-making process while also making it safer to operate.

By switching to inorganic cores, engines manufactured in the Karawang plant have greatly lessened tar particles and strong odors emitted during the combustion process from organic additives. This has resulted in the reduced sizes of dust collectors that saves space, decreases the fire risk while improving the safety standards of the plant.

Toyota’s Karawang plant is the automaker’s 5th plant in Indonesia since 1973. It has the largest engine manufacturing capacity in Indonesia followed by the North Jakarta engine plant that produces 195,000 units per year.

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