Toyota has experienced a rapid rise and recovery from 2011, as Asia's largest automaker extends the sales gap over General Motors in 2012.

Toyota sold 2.43 million vehicles globally in the 3rd quarter of this year; this figure includes their subsidiaries like Hino and Daihatsu. The Q3 sales are a remarkable rise over the 2.06 million vehicles sold in Q3 2011. Year to date sales in Q3 are also up to 7.4 million units, a sales increase of 28 percent compared to the same period last year.

By comparison, GM sold a total of 2.28 million vehicles in Q3, adding up to a total of 6.95 million overall from Q1-Q3. The Volkswagen group sold 2.3 million units in Q3, and a total of 6.9 million cars from Q1-Q3.

SOURCE: Bloomberg