As Toyota Philippines celebrates its 25th anniversary, it gave its website a refreshed look. The homepage is notably different from its old incarnation having taken inspiration from the international Toyota website. It provides a cleaner look where the newest models appear right at the center of the page while other features are integrated in tabs.

The use of local photography for most vehicles is commendable. The dynamic shots take the viewer into a more appropriate feel of the function and style of each model. Paired with headlines and brief descriptions, one should immediately merit a personal impression on the vehicle.

Pertinent information on the vehicles is laid out on the vehicle’s main page, each incorporated in a photo. Prior to the revamp, most of the tabs for vehicles and other features were fixated on the left site of the page with plain font. Missing in the vehicle pages however is the long technical specifications sheet where the viewer can examine every aspect and component of the featured vehicle. In the today’s site, Toyota only highlights the following details: overall dimensions, wheelbase, engine type and displacement, maximum output and torque, transmission type, and vehicle price.

With the new interactive website, Toyota Philippines should be able to reinforce the ‘moving forward’ tagline. Do check the updates at