No, they're not changing the badge to a BMW

Well, this is rather awkward.

Toyota Motor Philippines (TMP) has submitted a recall notice to the Department of Trade and Industry for their halo car. But here's the awkward part: it's because of a wider recall by BMW.

The DTI has published a letter from Toyota Motor Philippines regarding a “special service campaign” (recall, basically) for the Toyota GR Supra. Fans of the model would know that the vehicle is a product of their collaboration with BMW when the two auto giants teamed up for a straight six rear-wheel-drive sports car platform. The GR Supra was the hardtop, while the convertible was the Z4. Both cars are built by BMW at the Magna Steyr plant in Austria; technically making the GR Supra a European import.

The issue with the recall is that it was brought about by a problem discovered with the braking system on BMW models. Now if you own a GR Supra, that doesn't mean your brakes are shot. The international recall notice says that your car won't lose the brakes. The problem is with the brake assist system.

Toyota (and BMW) say that there is an electronic problem that can cause the brake assist (BA) to not activate. BA works by increasing the braking force when the vehicle “feels” that the driver isn't braking enough; such systems are important at preventing collisions because several studies in the past indicate that drivers don't slam on the brakes hard enough when they really need to.

What Toyota (and BMW) discovered is that under certain and specific engine start conditions there is a possibility that BA will not activate. Actually, those specific conditions sound more like cheat codes to a video game (e.g. Contra) because the first one is when the driver presses the ignition button twice in rapid succession, while the other is when the driver only steps on the brake briefly when pressing the ignition button.

The recall alert states that if any of these very specific conditions are met, brake assist will only be available for four full brake applications or about nine partial brake applications. The fact that they ascertained the number of instances is so ridiculously specific and so German.

Toyota says that there are 176 Toyota GR Supra units affected by the brake assist issue and is contained to vehicles produced between March 29, 2019, and June 5, 2020. The issue is a relatively straightforward fix. Toyota says they need to reprogram the ECU (probably a reflash) and that's it.

The service is free to Supra owners of course.

Surprisingly, we have yet to receive word of a similar recall from BMW Philippines for their vehicles. The first reports of the BMW recall were published about a month ago.