Sign of things to come?

Looks like spring cleaning has begun to one of Toyota Motor Philippines' most popular models.

We’re talking about the current-generation Vios. Before 2023 ended, Toyota stopped offering the 1.3 Base and 1.3 E variants. Now, it’s the top-of-the-line Vios GR-S that’s being dropped in the local lineup. The model no longer appears on the official Toyota Motor Philippines website, but some dealers still have remaining units of it. But as for the discontinuation, it has been confirmed to us by one of TMP’s executives.

Toyota PH no longer offering Vios GR-S image

The GR-S variant was the sportiest-looking Vios that was offered by TMP. It had the Gazoo Racing styling treatment, borrowing some design cues from the GR Yaris, particularly with its front bumper. The GR-S variant had a wraparound body kit with a ducktail-type spoiler, black mirrors and door handles, 16-inch alloy wheels with stickier tires, and the complementary GR Sport badges. Meanwhile, the cabin was also given the Gazoo Racing style treatment with a GR branded gauge cluster, plus red stitching on the suede and leather upholstery.

Toyota PH no longer offering Vios GR-S image

Furthermore, it was the only Vios in the lineup that came with a 10-speed CVT as opposed to the 7-speed CVT used in standard models which sort of added a bit more liveliness and sportiness to the practical sedan.

As it stands, the current-generation Vios lineup is down to six variants. The 1.3 J M/T serves as the base model at PHP 732,000, while the top-of-the-line variant is now the 1.5 G CVT that sells for PHP 1,039,000.

Toyota PH no longer offering Vios GR-S image

So why is Toyota Motor Philippines downsizing the Vios variant offerings? For now, we don’t have the exact reason yet. But usually, when brands start to do these kinds of stuff, the signs could point out an upcoming introduction of an all-new model. In this case, TMP may be getting ready for the all-new Vios that’s built with the DNGA platform.

If you ask us when, well your guess is as good as ours. But we’ll keep our eyes peeled for more updates regarding this.