Your Toyota Avanza or Rush could need its fuel pump replaced

Late last year Toyota Motor Philippines (TMP) issued a recall on several models due to a potentially faulty fuel pump supplied by one of their major parts suppliers: Denso. Actually, the company is part-owned by Toyota at about 24.77%.

Vehicles that were part of the recall included the Alphard, Corolla Altis, FJ Cruiser, pre-facelift versions of the Fortuner and Innova, and the Land Cruiser Prado.

After half a year, two more Toyota vehicles are being recalled due to a potentially defective fuel pump. This time, it's tens of thousands of units of the Avanza and Rush that need their fuel pumps replaced. According to a DTI Advisory, 18,484 units of the Rush, along with 18,245 examples of the Avanza, have the potentially faulty component.

Combined, the total number of units is 36,729.

Toyota mentioned that the affected Avanza units were built from October 2, 2017, to July 11, 2019. Meanwhile, Rush models that come with the problematic pumps were built from April 2, 2018, to July 4, 2019.

Toyota is already informing affected owners of the said recall. However, Toyota also has a dedicated website that can check whether your vehicle is part of the recall. Those that wish to check can go to the Toyota Service Campaign website, and type in their vehicle's chassis number/vehicle identification number (VIN) to see if they need to have their vehicle looked at.

Should Toyota inform owners that their vehicle is part of the recall, they will need to schedule their visit to their preferred dealership. Also, Toyota wished to remind owners that the fuel pump replacement on the Avanza and Rush is free of charge.