In the three decades since they’ve established a foothold on our archipelago, Toyota Motor Philippines (TMP) have provided some of the most iconic vehicles that have become a staple in every household. Toyota vehicles have been part of countless memories, special moments, trials, and triumphs – and TMP recognizes this all too well.

Whether it’s humble beginnings, new acquaintances, old friends, or the next generation of your family, a Toyota has likely been there every step of the way. In this short clip, we get to see several snippets of just how Toyota’s vehicles – and their owners – have evolved throughout the years. And despite the test of time, A dependable Toyota will always likely be present for any occasion.

While the clip shows just how times change, it doesn’t fail to show the fact that the values of the Filipino family remain ever the same. And behind all the changes caused by time, Toyota vehicles have become the constants that the average Filipino family can depend on all the way.