It seems nothing will stop Toyota Motor Philippines (TMP) from selling vehicles in the country.

Even after a crazy 2020, the Japanese automaker once again dominated the automotive market with a 41.3% market share, taking the top spot in nine key segments. At the same time, Toyota also ranked number 1 in passenger car sales, commercial vehicle sales, and overall sales for 2020.

“This pandemic has really tested our spirits and pushed our limits. Yet, we were able to achieve a record-setting 41.3% market share last year. We emerged from 2020 with many new learnings, reflections, and green shoots that we can nurture towards our sustainable growth in 2021 and beyond,” said TMP Chairman Alfred V. Ty.

Toyota's dominance can be attributed to its 71 dealerships scattered across the country. In order to commemorate the occasion, TMP also rewarded its best dealers for the year at the annual Dealer Convention. Given the current health situation, only select Toyota officials, dealers, and affiliates were present during the awarding. Meanwhile, the rest of the representatives watched the ceremonies and accepted their awards through an online live stream.

Toyota Motor Philippines wins 19th consecutive Triple Crown image

Ty also acknowledged that TMP and its network of dealers have a deeper obligation to its customers and a profound purpose in helping the nation. This was then echoed by TMP president Atsuhiro Okamoto.

“As the leading automotive company in the Philippines, I believe it is our role and responsibility to take the wheel and help steer the country towards economic recovery. Let me make this appeal to all the members of Team Toyota Philippines: Let us be the solution. We should not watch from the sidelines. As a market leader, as a pillar of the industry, and as a partner in nation-building we must provide strength and hope for the healing of Filipinos all over,” said Ty.

“We have proven ourselves that despite any challenge mankind can experience, we can successfully get through it as one team. The next step is how we can accelerate forward and lead the market towards full recovery. Let us remain adaptive and continue to stay ahead to provide mobility and produce happiness for all,” said Okamoto.

TMP is looking forward to further realizing its vision of mobility and empowering people to move again, as the country and the automotive industry strives towards recovery.