Right now, the star of the Toyota Vios line-up is the GR Sport version. After all, its unique body kit, interior upgrades, and that ten-speed CVT make it a worthy halo model for the popular subcompact sedan range. But that's not the only highlight of the 2021 Vios line-up.

Aside from the hefty price markdowns for the 1.5-liter models, Toyota Philippines also made several upgrades for the 1.3-liter variants. This also explains the new prices for the entry-level and mid-spec Vioses.

From here on out, the XLE and E variants now come with redesigned seat patterns inside. Those models also get a new set of alloy wheels. Meanwhile, the base and 1.3 J models get the option of seven airbags to boost its safety credentials. Note that all Vios models have stability control standard, so bringing back the seven airbag option for the lower-spec variants is a good call from Toyota.

But it's the XE CVT that gets the most upgrades. There are also two versions of the XE CVT available. The first one comes with dual front airbags and knee airbags, while the second one gets seven. But that's not all, there are several equipment changes as well. Both three-airbag and seven-airbag XE CVT models now have Apple CarPlay and Android Auto integrated in their touchscreen audio systems. Not only that, audio and Bluetooth controls on the steering wheel are now standard. Wrapping up the updates in the XE CVT is the additional pair of speakers at the back, bumping up the speaker count to four.

As mentioned before, all Vios 1.3 models get a price increase. The Base and 1.3 J get a PHP 10,000 increase, the same with the XLE and E variants. Meanwhile, prices for XE CVT with three airbags are up by PHP 6,000, and the XE CVT with seven airbags shoot up by PHP 55,000.

To recap, these are the new prices of all 1.3-liter Vios models:

Vios 1.3 E CVT: PH 901,000

Vios 1.3 E M/T: PH 851,000

Vios 1.3 XLE CVT: PHP 851,000

Vios 1.3 XLE M/T: PHP 801,000

Vios 1.3 XE CVT (7 airbag): PHP 808,000

Vios 1.3 XE CVT (3 airbag): PHP 753,000

Vios 1.3 J M/T (7 airbag): PHP 717,000

Vios 1.3 J M/T (3 airbag): PHP 707,000

Vios 1.3 Base MT (7 airbag): PHP 691,000

Vios 1.3 Base MT (3 airbag): PHP 681,000