In line with the issues surrounding Toyota Motors U.S.A.'s voluntary recall of approximately 2.5 million Toyota vehicles to inspect the faulty power window master switches for possible malfunction, Toyota Motors Philippines(TMP) have released their official statement regarding this matter.

TMP has initiated a special service campaign to inspect the aforementioned issue that covers specific Vios, Yaris, Rav4, Corolla, and Camry models that are produced from the year 2006 to 2012.

“For the affected vehicles, the sliding electrical contact point in the driver’s side Power Window Master Switch may experience a 'notchy' or sticking feeling during operation which causes the button to get stuck. If vehicles are serviced in non-Toyota dealer and commercially available lubricant is used, melting of the switch assembly may occur.

As a preventive measure, we will inspect the Power Window Master Switch and apply specialized grease or replace specific component if deemed necessary, at no cost to the customer. This program will be offered at all Toyota dealers only.” said Rommel Gutierrez VP for corporate affairs, Toyota Motor Philippines.

As a precaution, if your car's power window switch feels 'notchy' or sticky, don't attempt to address the issue yourselves with commercially available lubricants.