Countries are going on lockdown and most private businesses have closed up shop. Meanwhile, people are mandated to stay indoors to prevent the virus from further spreading. In the automotive segment, most manufacturing plants and facilities have shut down from making cars and have since shifted production to combat the spread of the coronavirus. 

One of those manufacturers is Toyota North America.

Toyota USA preparing to make face shields, masks, and respirators image

Toyota Motor North America (TMNA) announced that it will continue to assist those in need by providing essential supplies and emergency relief to local and non-profit organizations. Several facilities across the region will soon begin fabricating face shields to help protect healthcare workers and other front liners. The automaker will also collaborate with medical companies to speed up the production of ventilators, respirators, masks and other devices vital for hospitals.

“With our plants idled and our dealers focused on servicing customers, we are eager to contribute our expertise and know-how in order to help quickly bring to market the medical supplies and equipment needed to combat the COVID crisis. Our message to the medical equipment community is we are here to help, please utilize our expertise,” said Ted Ogawa, the incoming CEO of TMNA.

Toyota USA preparing to make face shields, masks, and respirators image

Mass production of Toyota’s 3D-printed face shields is set to begin sometime this week. Meanwhile, the automaker is waiting for partners for filters to start the production of  face masks. Toyota is also awaiting final agreement to start producing ventilators and respirators to help increase capacities. All items produced will be donated to hospitals across the country. 

As the world continues to fight against the coronavirus pandemic, the last thing on everyone’s mind now is profit. Fortunately, more and more companies are giving a helping hand in fighting against the disease.