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Toyota reveals new Integrated Safety Management tech


Next-generation safety tech part of Toyota's Integrated Safety Management Concept

Toyota recently unveiled its new smart technologies and systems that will be installed on future models by 2015. The new safety features are a part of Toyota's Integrated Safety Management Concept which targets to lessen the number of road accidents.

First up is the Vehicle-infrastructure/vehicle-vehicle communication system, a wireless frequency system that is reserved for ITS – Integrated Traffic Systems. As an example, when a vehicle arrives on a junction with no clear view, sensors above the road will detect oncoming traffic and will then relay that information to the car. On the other hand, the vehicle-vehicle communication works by making their presence known to other cars via the vehicle link system, which activates visual and audio driver warnings when necessary.

Working in tandem with the vehicle-vehicle communication system is a newly developed Communicating Radar Cruise Control that makes it easier for cruising vehicles to follow one another and to avoid collisions. The system is comprised of a forward-facing radar that monitors the distance of the car in front of you.


Another safety tech developed by the Japanese automaker is the new LED Array Adaptive High Beam. The new set of headlights are comprised of multiple, independently controlled LEDs arranged in a single row. Light distribution is also linked to the steering wheel, allowing better visibility during turns.

The next-generation safety features will be launched next year initially in Japan and will then be made available to USA and Europe by the end of 2017. The safety features will work alongside Toyota's current safety tech which includes the Pre-Crash safety system, Lane Keep Assist and automatic high beam.

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