Toyota's smallest electric vehicle to date has been revealed

Automakers have been constantly making cars bigger and roomier for the past few years. From sedans, crossovers, MPVs, as well as SUVs, it seems most brands are adhering to the notion that 'bigger is better'.

But it seems Toyota wants to buck that trend with the all-new C+ Pod. Serving as one of the company's smallest cars to date, the C+ Pod is an ultra-compact battery electric vehicle (BEV) that is meant to drive the popularization of BEVs.

Toyota C+ Pod EV makes the Wigo look huge image

Measuring 2490mm long, 1290mm wide, and 1550mm tall, the C+ Pod is indeed a small car. With its ultra-compact dimensions, Toyota says it can be driven by individuals that need to travel only small distances. They even mentioned that companies that need to visit their customers nearby can use the C+ Pod in areas that require safe and environmentally-friendly vehicles.

Despite its small dimensions, Toyota made sure the EV can still carry a decent amount of cargo, and still have enough space for two. With most of the C+ Pod's mechanicals located underneath, Toyota was able to make a relatively roomy cabin and luggage area.

Toyota C+ Pod EV makes the Wigo look huge image

For its initial launch in Japan, the C+ Pod is being offered to local government users, and to companies that wish to try out the new BEV. That way, Toyota is optimistic that they will be able to promote the establishment of more BEV charging infrastructures, as well as new business models/services centered around the use of BEVs.

Exact details about its electric powertrain remain a mystery. Given that Toyota is still holding a limited launch of the C+ Pod, the exact output figures may have yet to be finalized by the company.

Toyota C+ Pod EV makes the Wigo look huge image

Come 2022, Toyota plans to offer the C+ Pod to customers that are looking to get a pint-sized EV. Should EVs become more popular in the country, perhaps Toyota Motor Philippines could think about offering the C+ Pod in the country. Not only will it offer zero-emissions driving, but it's also smaller than the already tiny Wigo.